Saturday, August 22, 2009

42 at the end of the day- editing today

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On the way from Cedars Sinai to downtown i saw that my donut observation is even worse than I suspected.


yesterday, magies donuts, magees donuts(2 of them a chain of sorts?) another yum yum donut(definately some kind of chain or franchise) CJ's Donuts, CL's Donuts.

Donuts are good, but there are over about 25,000 donut stores in this town and I need to know exactly why. Lots of liquors stores too and marts and markets but that makes more sense--

Long ago learning that life is stranger than fiction so no need to make shit up-- and so when I say that I saw a store(in a mini mall) that was called...... Liquor and Donuts... and then Liquor and Laundromat.... I am not fucking kidding.

Saw a handwritten chalk type sign downtown, that said, " Slice of pizza 3.00 WOW."

So many bad jobs: Writing lies about the great deal you'll get on a pizza. Your boss forcing you to write WOW when it is so glaringly obvious that in the America of August , 2009 3 dollars for a slice is just not WOW. For a whole pie- sure, but not for a slice. Please, save your chalk, and prevent wear and tear of your crappy little chalkboard! And, for those of you who are so out of it or are from another country: Three dollars for a slice of pizza is not WOW. You've been warned!

Low status and high status jobs-- Almost all seem unbearable.
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