Wednesday, August 19, 2009

beef and my nightmare

Can only discuss two donut shop- yum yum, and benny's donuts. At least some effort made to give the donut some distinction. I was too distracted to really pay attention but I vaguely saw one per mini mall, as discussed.

Astounding how many donuts are in this town and no one talks about it.

Very grateful to the french today as the word ENNUI was needed. Add existinsial disgust and maybe you'll understand.

i went to a focus group on beef- and this is the only way I can put it.

So, listen listen to this nightmare: I'm being wrongfully prosecuted because of some sociopath and these two prosecutors know I'll beat them at trial, so they try to get me declared mentally incompetent in a very obvious and desperate display in front of many PD's and others, and they don't follow any of the rules, and they break all the laws, and what does the 41 year old Stanford educated former U.S attorney now Judge, do? She grants it to them-- because she is in their pocket, completely, and that is how that court works. There is no doubt about it -- there is a conspiracy of corruption in Division 40 and it involves 3 of the Governor's appointed judges and Villagrossa's unjust sister. And, there are so many witnesses and they are so scared and it is so damned creepy. But, I can't wake up. I know dreams or nightmares are boring to anyone but the dreamer, but please hear me out:

So Then, in the midst of it all, I go to a beef focus group where they take us down to a basement to look at a case of friggin beef. They ask us questions about this beef: Does it look tender and nutritious? does the beef look as if was raised in a gentle environemtn. And, the whole group seemed horrified this time around. Often, they just are poker faced and I'm frustrated. Apparently canada is trying to sell us beef. No joke.
But, back to my nightmare. So, after 40 years of not breaking the law or even being purposely mean to anyone I am being targeted by these two rotten apples and their rotten office- The worse one is Felise Cohen Kalpakian. But, Jennifer Abrams Waxler is evil too. That is no overstatement these women were dead set on to lying and cheating -- to lock me up (!!!)because they can't bare losing. Too bad, nutsos, you have gone way too far and legal woes will follow you for a very long time. This is out of a movie!

Then, I woke up ,and man am I grateful stuff like that doesn't really happen in real life.
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