Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Business as usual

Show trials took place in division 40 of the criminal courts building and division 55 It is no better than Russia under Stalin, my friends.

I think it's great that there is all kind of intense emotion at these townhalls for healthcare but it hurts me and should hurt you that our justice system is not what it seems-- Or at least the justice system in Los Angeles. Judges are signing their names to illegal and cruel orders that deprive them of rights that by all rights should not be denied them-- when they have done nothing remotely criminal.

Blog, you are better than nothing, but I am primed for a real movement-- America, do rage against the dying of the light(Dylan Thomas fyi)

Some nasty superficial sentiments snuck into American society and it really invaded the west coast: Stay positive, rage is TERRIBLE, Anger is BAD, Passion is STRANGE, I just overheard "It's all good." in the elevator.

It is not all good. It never was all good. It might never be all good, but it can be better!

Obama, we need a townhall on what the hell is going on in Division 40 of the Criminal Courts building, and with the LAPD's threat management unit etc etc.

Why are judges getting away with murder? Why are prosecutors like Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian getting away with vicious slander and illegal ex partes and all the while knowing they are just harming and harming innocent people. And, that is business as usual I've come to understand-- from talking to many many people.

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