Thursday, August 27, 2009

best not to make sexting a part of multitasking

Major blog crisis. Just got an IM from this gay gay named Zachary that blogs here-- IM says something about  another person that uses this space and who until recently I'd been doing webmaster work for -- apparently is in the intensive care unit at Napa county general-- Her Name is Tarra Slovan and I guess you'd call her my aquaintance. She apparently was sexting while faxing and everything went to hell pretty fast.  Since she is in the hand surgery unit( Zachary thinks I should call her. I might. ) I can only guess what happened there.  I try not to get filthy on this blog so I'll let you do the mental math.

So this guy Zacch is all new to L.A and all innocent and still trusts people and he wants me to come hang out at the Abbey and I just can't imagine it. Too hot and with my luck thier little sprinklers will be letting off warm water due to some malfunction and I'll drink more than I should and start dripping with contempt if his "awesome friends Suzzanne and Rick" are as stupid as he.  So sweaty and dripping with contempt or blogging to you all?

Met a guy today in some storyworthy capacity and he said he was boring. I said, " so you know that?" and he said "yeah, I know I'm boring."  This alwasy fascinated me: Did people know this kind of thing about themselves ,and if they did why did they still proceed to bore more people?
And, I didn't pretend that I thought I was boring  too because that would be fake. And, this made me think how excited I am to have 3 judges (Appellate division) look at the STUFF and then how I thought how though they will have to do I wish the judges were Hoff, Sharon, or Piers, or even Randy, Simon, or Paula because they would think that's it's a good thing that I'm not boring.

Or maybe I'm desperately boring but also delusional and therefore am at this very second boring the living crap out of you(you who?)

Onwards. Came up with lots of earth shattering insights that I am willing to share if I get some kind of comment to that affect. Otherwise I still my share it -- just to stoke the flames of romance-- with my own sweet self.

I now have a 4 musicals, 8 stage shows, 3 books, and 780 pages of other things and some yet unproduced Youtubes.

I want to do a really date one called "Driving Miss Lazy" about driving around town with my sister and I'm likek " So, is it ok if we park here. It's only 3 blocks or something." and she goes, " I have a blister" or "I'm too tired" or just always anything to avoid moving her body. She burns about 80 calories a week on activity and yet she is slimmer and fitter looking than most.

Then, I have many more but this one requires the audience to be old enough to remember driving miss daisy and so .... I doubt I'll get the funding to produce it etc.

Line from my musical:

It 2009 A.D
Don't you think it's about time
to stop talking about jesus
and talk about me?

Then I have unryhming things that were inspired by Delmont Klien's singular unryhming poem. Lots on the plate as you can see.  Trying to sneak it all in in between bouts of reply brief.

zack is now texting me and I better go before I too get into some accident.

Talk later!
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