Sunday, August 23, 2009

bumper stickers

I've been anti bumper sticker for as far as I can remember. The need or attempt to let the car behind you know that you child is an honor student or that you support peace(as opposed to the I support war bumper stickers?)but yesterday I saw one that I kind of liked: "Reading is sexy." it said, and, i thought that is not just an unannoying bumper sticker but a good message to get out cause before the miserable kindle takes root reading needs all the help it can get and sex sells etc.

Then, by this bumper sticker is a rainbow I'm gay bumper sticker and the driver of this Nissan lost me.
I just can't wrap my head against "gay pride." I find it retarded, really. Be proud of being a good samaritan or a hard worker or a fine and loyal friend, but being gay or straight or anything you have little or no control over and doesn't reflect anything more than who you end up in the sack with. I can see that there should never be dis-pride in whatever you may be(unless you are evil etc) but I don't get this pride rainbow shit. Then, again I'm not gay or sraight or bisexual, so what do I know.

Whomever made a fortune from coopting the rainbow for the gays should be proud of his chutzpah, I guess.

I woke up on the bitter side of the bed so pardon my bile. I can't relax or ever be ok until this flood of injustice ... subsides... or gets sucked down the sinkhole.

There's time I foresee
called eventually
but it isn't here
and it
might not even be near
there's a moment
out of reach
but surely reachable
there's a line
that must be crossed
or all will be lost
the skies don't speak
the waters don't part
hard to make it end
when it's impossible know where to start
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