Sunday, August 16, 2009

chris martin doing humble shtick on 60 minutes etc.

Michael Vick on 60 minutes. Now claims that allowing and promoting vicious cruelty is wrong.

Begs the question if that is possible-- that now he "gets it."

I beleive in forgiveness or redemption blah blah blah but there is no way a man unbothered (at best) or thrilled(at worst) by seeing such hardcore life defying ugliness can grow a soul this late in the game.

I have witnessed such immorality on such a grand scale -- and by those who by virtue of their educations and status are even worse than Michael Vick. In short, I'm in a waking nightmare-- where Judges are following no rules, Prosecutors are making up vicious lies to win an unwinnable case, and Defense attorneys as a whole accept the status quo- which is that no one is following the rules or cares about justice and lasts in the system for any amount of time.

Felise Kalpakian Cohen goes to synogogue on Saturday and on Wednesday she does things that are as non god fearing and disgusting as it gets: Lying and trying to further trample and slander someone who has been wrongfully accused and abused for over a year is something that she wouldn't want her Rabbi knowing about.
Jennifer Waxler might be less gleeful when she lies and cheats but still.... unethical, immoral, and plain HORRIBLE examples of humans.
And, even worse.... These judges... Nightmares. Sociopaths. Capable of anything if it will pad thier pockets or advance their hollow goals .

One after another-- Not one willing to do the right thing. The big challenge now is to channel the disgust, hatred, repugnance, deep dissapointment into something productive. I can only pray that when they all get unbenched or disbarred- less pernicious and nauseating characters take there place.

I am minutes away from buying a Megaphone. I feel as if the world as i knew it was a sham .my idealism was pitiful, and that daily the unsuspecting are falling into this dreadful hole and I need to get it out there somehow.

Coldplay on 60 minutes now: Just can't get over his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. I've never enjoyed thier music since. I heard she is awful(by someone who is painfully ucritical) and I really just do not get a good vibe from that one. Apple. Whatever.
My point: No Coldplay for me.
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