Monday, August 10, 2009

free speech what a crock

There is something vaguely repulsive about most democrats. Pelosi is the perfect poster girl-- there is just something comepletely hypocritical and passive agressive about Pelosi and her kind-- trying to label some righteous anger as Un-American. It is that they are so rich and they don't ever need to yell and think that yelling should be criminilized. All that wine and cheese mellows and organic produce lulling them into speaking in soft voices at all times. But, sometimes they seethe anyhow and that is when the passive aggressiveness comes through.

Boxer and Pelosi and so many corrupt judges and lawyers and people i'm dealing with in the Los Angeles Court are democrats and though I have no love for any other parties because I think it's sort of lame to be anything but free thinking -- I must declare that there is something vaguely or downright repulsive about the modern day democrat/Liberal/leftie. Seriously, does anyone not think that Pelosi is disgusting? That she's a phony and the type to scream fire in a crowded theatre if it helps her bottom line? I conclude that the democratic party is tainted by rich phonies and we need another party altogether. I'm working on it!

Politicians and politics in general are crap! Pelosi has an awful face.
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