Friday, August 7, 2009

HI there goo goo doll with polish name, I 'm single!

Yes Yes. It was the main Goo goo doll. I must admit that I really liked that song " I don't want the world to see me..." and seeing the lead singer at the rite aid on highland and labrea at the pharmacy looking so self conscious and vulnerable. I wish I said something nice to him but I couldn't for the life of me remember what that cool song was or what band he fronted. That song that so many a time I have rocked to in my subaru, wondering if such motions were not shameful.
So I tell the cashier that the guy who just left is a rock star and when I see her next I'll remember what song cause it was a big thing and she can't believe me. So about 15 minutes I go to pick up the meds and on the way out I stop and her and sing "i don't want the world to see me etc. " And she jumps up and down and thanks me profusely. I took a risk and sang to her the song of the guy she recently rung up and it was well worthwhile.

The night is young, and you????

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