Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I can't lose because I refuse

I can't lose
cause I refuse.

That about sums it up!

I came all the way to my blog because I watched wheel of fortune for the first time in years and it is official:

They have run out of "puzzles"


Nobody every would say that and they have officially run out of "puzzles"

Vanna looks GREAT! Pat Sajack is only a bit worse for the wear and has a sort of aged homosexual look going on but you just know he is totally hetero.

If Vanna could look that good and Bertinelli and Marie Osmond(have you seen her in that commercial)...

What else?

Too much. But, I'll just say that I saw Bill again and he has finally kicked his parasitic neighbor to the curb and he said, " you are like me" meaning that we both are suckers in that sweet way and will let such a parasitic feed till we let them feed no more. When he said it it was weird because he does feel like some cousin or something. Me and my sister wondered why and wondered if we somehow are more middle easter than american or more european or is it just that we are so new york and we couldn't figure it out but when I travelled I never more comfortable with non americans by far.

Michael Jackson's kids are so gorgeous! I want to raise them!

Victory feels near and I am taking Bill out to dinner when it arrives.
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