Tuesday, August 18, 2009


not outlawyered
ony outliared

Duty to my loyal Mac reader and maybe canadian reader. I climb uphill.... up... up.... up... hill.

Out and about and saw about 8 donut shops and just DONUTS over and over again. That's it they just named their donut store - donuts.

Still, I wonder why there is so many donuts and no one seems to dicuss donuts.

No one will tell me!

Haunted by the sight of the repulsive face of Felise Cohen Kalpakian as she committed such unconsciounable acts. Her miserable visage popping up in my head, and a mix of marveling how she can stand to be herself for a minute, and how she got that way, and horrified that she exists.Same for Tig Notaro, Stef Willen, Scott boxenbaum, Rosenberg, Samantha Jessner, Mary Lou Villar etc etc but for some reason Felise's face keeps popping in my head and I want someone to come and remove her disgusting mug and voice from my brain.

Shame on you, Felise Cohen Kalpakian- you've really gone way too far and by all rights you and Waxler should be tormented by guilt, but you are not and the others are not and I will have to digest that ... someday.
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