Friday, August 14, 2009

jeremy sisto is hot

Before I leave you for the day, blog, I want to comment that though the absence of current comments appears desolate-- it is not so. Fern Mcfern is Joy(fuckin)ous!

You have built a prospective fortress and they can't get you and it is more jolting than a doube expresso-- this justice business.

Sounds nutty to the unitiated, but so be it. I not only am ok with letting my freak frag fly but I have now even sown some more stuff on my freak flag and it is bigger and more obvious. My freak flag is so big that it makes a T Rex look like a .... brontasaurus.

Hollywood, Woohooo! Writing gig for Mercy? Woohoo!

I can write for nurses! Woohoo!

I probably will end up talking to you tonight, blog. I think I won't and then there I am. So, don't be startled when it happens. I'll try to do it when I believe you won't mind... I will try and that's all I can really do.

Bye, blog. hang tough!
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