Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lance Ito is the rule not the exception -- something very wrong with many judges, peeps

The shame.

I'm thinking Oman Jordon and I'm all , know it all and shit... and it's amman jordon. I knew that!!!!!! And, Oman is another country and I should have known that as why would it suddenly mention a city ... and I really am embarrassed. In my defense: After I wrote that I napped for 14 hours-- so I was tired rather than dumb.

Just another rocky step on my fun journey. So, it doesn't get deleted. I own it etc.

The thing I think I love (and hate) about this whole blog business is that I can't make any sense of it. I don't know why someone from Oman might read it or not and why now someone from Argentina has come upon it. It is a brave new world and I need to feel that I am "reaching out" because I am being targeted by the Government.

Now, any reader reading who is not paranoid schizophrenic will think that that is zany/insane-- but it's actually true-- and I feel like I'm acting in a really wild sequel to One who flew over the cuckoos nest.

I'm writing out that story offline and it demands more care than a blog post. But, it will get written and it will get published somehow.

There is a small segment out there who have fallen through the rabbit hole that is the Los Angeles Superior courts and would recognize immediately that my story is non fiction, but I am well aware that the vast majority of Americans would not understand.

Impossible to explain right now but the best way I could express it is that though I still think that O.J killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, I now understand completely why the jury voted as they did. It was not their fault but the fault of thier prior experiences with cops and prosecutors that let him loose.

I flashback to how their was some debate about changing the jury system etc and all the outrage(and how I was one of the outraged) and I shake my head in that lost innocence head shake way.

Trust me: Get thrown into this system because some homely and half retarded tig notaro is a human disaster, and a year later you will understand. Till then, I'll try to explain it in the treatise/tract/book/ that I am writing offline.
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