Friday, August 21, 2009

Lawyers are really pitiful- edited version

wow. Went to one of the top attorneys and once again confirmed-- business as usual-- so the only hope is to stay unusual. The truth is this about the legal system: The the prosecution thinks they can steamroll anyone - innocent, guilty, etc, and that maybe I've been called and also chosen to change this unbearable state of affairs. By temperament or by upbringing(who knows!) I'm not capable of accepting the kind of crap that so many are supposed to accept.

This top lawyer confirmed some suspicions and just really, in the end, made me realize that all along my gut is good and though it might cause me lots of temporary discomforts in the end it will lead me to a greater happiness than if I followed less abstract indicators

He said this to me at the end of our non fruitful consultation

" You want to climb Everest?"

Haha. Remember Delmont's poem? Odd, no? -- that he would mention Everest at this time and moment?

His "cowardice" and his distress at me thinking that not accepting some stinky stinky status quo was enlightening.
He is content on mounds, and only considering Everest is "crazy" to him. He seemed "CRAZY" to me. He really wasn't appalled he wasn't even non plussed by the evil antics of waxler, cohen kalpakian, jessner ,villar et al and that was appalling. He had made peace with the status quo and he had ... made war on life's potential-- and he is not getting my business, that's for sure.

It is ok to him that Samantha Jessner would try to get me declared crazy when she knows very well that I'm not-- and it's acceptable that Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian would get as dirty as they could to beat down someone vicitimized like me- and leave the real criminal, Tig Notaro,to tour the land with her 4 damned jokes.

UNACCEPTABLE. Status quo. That's the way it goes. Clueless bozos. Life seems too short to me to live it as an insipid pawn. Kalpakian or Waxler will maybe one day get to be D.A rather than C.A's or get 6k more a year... and that's worth them crapping on justice ....????

I really really don't understand.

fuck you all, you soulles fools. I have zero respect for you. I have found that there is more joy in thumbing my nose at you, than giving in to your bored tired cynical idiocy and knowing that I'd fall into a permanent despair if I ever gave in to your sad mentalities. So, I won't.

Villagrossa's corrupt sister and her shitty clerk? The "appointed judges of Arnold the Ausrian- I have your nasty number and time will tell. Two Austrians giving us so much grief.

Keilasa face(John Gregozek)
and his lackey,jim hoffman------- you will never beat your betters, and you know damned well we are you betters. I'm sure Marty Singer is pleased with you but Karma isn't and I can all hope that Karma is no wishful thinking bullshit.

Buzz off all of you, and pray for redemption.

It will come out that this Threat Management Unit is a crock, as is Jeff Dunn their shameless leader and their patron anti-saint - Marty Singer etc, and it will come to light how they sold any soul one of them must have had,and I submit ruined thier careers.

And then the poor yentas from the C.A, and how they ruined thier careers. And, how will Villar and Jessner and Willcox and nasty old john Martinez and Dennis landin and Gerald Rosenberg and Elizabeth Grimez--- how will they make the appeals court undderstand. The Spitzbergs are being Nifonged- and look where Nifong is. I think he should be in jail for life but disgrace will have to do.

And, just so you know: Ugly stupid Notaro, pathetic bullshit artist, stef willen , and all the deformed turds that bore false witness for a gig --you made a big mistake.

John Gregozek and Jim Hoffman and even you... Martha Defoe...And Seargeant Angela Lucie-- shame on you. You were supposed to be something "Elite" and you failed. For the fat and sloppy Allison sievers and by proxy Marty Singer-- you were willing to assure your place in hell. We won't visit you.

and to the 45 year old Scott boxenbaum I have till late october or longer to sue the shit out of you -- so don't relax till then, you ugly eyed little bitch
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