Saturday, August 22, 2009

no donut reports today as never left apartment yet

Whoring for blog hits
learning more than I want to know
about "jurisdiction."
while my mother talks to another
prospective and non existant judge.
Your honor, this...
Your honor, that ..
She's been forced to concede that all so far
have had no honor
but myths die hard.

Tig Notaro should be widely despised because she is a very vicious and dangerous indidividual, but what I hate her for most is what she has done to my mother's view of America.

Without a decent justice system we really aren't worth much at all, after all.

I guess we coast by using, relativity, " Look at Iran etc." but, so what-- if a fish is left out in 110 degree heat for 8 weeks as opposed to 6 weeks- The level of stink becomes insignificant at that point, wouldn't you think?

In other words, stink is stink is stink.

Tig Notaro hates her own mother and really hates her father so she wouldn't understand but to see how this hurts my mother on so many levels---

I bet Tig Notaro would be giggling madly at the thought, that's how damned sick she is.
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