Thursday, August 6, 2009

no more showers or walks for awhile

I can barely take a shower or a walk without desperately scrambling to get back to you, blog. Something about showering or walking always makes me extra creative and then I am stuck with even more material and no where to put it. Came up with two sure bet jokes in the shower just now and for the first time in a long while had the sense to write them down and not figure I'd remember them. I do this constantly and these jokes never return ever. Still, I have too many as it is. Damn, what a strange curse this is.

This is the year, the big one, and this is the big fight and hopefully the last major one and I can't help but be sure all bad things must come to an end, but then again that is just hope and the lies we tell ourselves to cope blah blah.

Anne Frank was sure it would end well, I'm pretty sure. My mother was in very similar circumstances(sans the attic and much younger) and her life story didn't end in Germany but who knows how it might end. I just know that when hers ends so does mine. When I think of a successful life I think of making my mother happy and having my sister happy and the rest(fresh and mostly cool air, great mattreses, good and smart people available at all times, justice), books and no guilty in reading them-- is all gravy.

This all was going to lead somewhere very meaningful but I am supposed to meet someone in 15 minutes and didn't plan on the discractions that so stunted this blog post to the stars. part of me wants to wish a happy birthday to one of my ex friends, Tex, but part of me really doesn't and that's another long story. I know that the most memorable thing she said to me was, "you'll never be homeless if I'm alive." and I thougth man ,"that's friendship and real frienship is everything" But, soon after the sex part ended.... I wasn't homeless... but thank god cause she turned out to be a flake or a phony or both. I'm still not homeless but I sure hope she doesn't spot me in some storefront napping on my shopping cart if that's the case. Well, anyway, happy birthday tex.

must run, blog.

bye for now, blog.
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