Saturday, August 15, 2009

open ended

I totally messed up that last post-- Forgot what I was wanting to get at.

It all started from one of the very few stories I was told about the Holocaust--

Kind of depressing: At the end when my family was on the farleslaben death train, my grandmother decided that she wanted water and since the train stopped for some reason, she was going to get water. That, plus the fact that there was graffitti on the train that said, "You are all going to die etc."

So, the story goes, my grandmother took her kids to get water when the train stopped, and a german soldier stopped her and threatened to kill her, and she said this :" If a soldier of the germany army is willing to kill a mother of four than I don't really want to live anyway." For some reason, this dissuaded him from shooting her(or all of them.)

Damn, that says it all! If Mary Lou Villar, Samantha Philips Jessner, Judge John Martinez, Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Judge Elizebeth Grimes, Jennifer Abrams Waxler, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, Martin Boages-- son of the Hon, Charles Boages, Benny Brown, Dennis Landin, Maybe Michael Garcia, Judge Georgina Rick, Susan Rios, Carmen "Tru" Trutanich, the gang at Lavely and singer, Stef Willen, are willing to do what they are doing than I....
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