Friday, August 14, 2009

post that really is a draft

must remember:

Vlasic pickles in chinese food/southern fried chicken place and how when I commented on it she said "we are having pizza soon." it seems that she didn't seem to "get" why I found incongrous that a huge jar of vlasic pickles was just standing there.

Must remember: overhearing other's radios today. wondering if all of us have a similar sountrack or not. then, very profound that that is missing for now....

3rd- can't find it, wrote it on Rite aid receipt. Lost forever? The answer to all our problems, lost in some parking lot???

Maybe tomorrow I will find it hiding in some pocket of my TROUSERS.

I promise to share it if so.

Pecan Praline Rite aid ice cream and cones, bitches. Forever on R.O, or 40 years of God's wrath, Waxler, Kalpakian, Hoffman, Gregozek. Put me in jail and see the the liabilities skyrocket because .... I've been there and I was well liked as per.

All you banality of evil(jessner, landin, garcia, risck) and just plain evil (villar, rosenberg, grimes, martinez)judges, I got your number but I won't call cause you love to pretend you are being "stalked." I think it might make you feel famous or maybe you enjoy the attentions of that conference attending crack team- defoe, gregozek, and hoffman-- they have write ups in LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE and they protect celebs and judges(and non celebs who know someone whe gets them fat and ruthless Allison Sievers.) Read articles about them. It is comical.
Or let's get really real-- you could only dream of being "stalked" by the likes of me. Seriously.
Jeez, Willen, how could you rationalize this to yourself? What the hell is wrong with you ? Have you realized how bitterly wrong you were yet? How could you lie about me pushing someone when in truth you left black and blue marks on my chest. It was an accident. I didn't blame you. And, I never stole anything from anyone and your camera got lost and that sucked but noone her would ever ever taken it.

With your mentality you'll think that such a question will indicate "interest" or worse but truth be told it's just good old intellectual curiosity. How the hell did you think it was ok to do that to me and my family? I know you read this. Enough said.

It is a promise--not a threat-- 40 years of bad bad luck to anyone who hurts the sweet ass Spitzbergs!

Boils, locust, saboreah, melasma, chronic fatigue, restless everything, legal woes, carpal tunnel for eternity-- if you mess with the sweet ass spitzbergs.

Why? Because they are people who never killed a fly. Literally. And, the jury will smell that. Shame on you Division. Life isn't long enough to be so self serving!
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