Friday, August 28, 2009

stick the stroller and the liquer up your ass!

After my liquer focus group today I realized that I might be too silly to live. 7 fine individuals so adult so serious  so intent on helping the marketing process and their fine vocabulary they hoped would indicate an acuteness of mind that indeed was not there. They were so fucking awful. Usually I can get up a bunch of deadbeats to subvert the bullshit along with me. This was just impossible. They made us put smiles or frowns on printouts of hideous images of a woman and man watching TV and this printout was from the 70's or something and everybody was so agonizingly earnest and I'm giggling and just can't stand it and even rolling my eyes because it was just eye rolling.
 And, these two great looking guys and I'm hoping to fall madly in love with at least one  and that might solve some of my problems, but they were both comptelety intolerable. My god,  Both of them. What a waste of looks and even brains! But, no no humor at all! No irreverance. No winky wink no matter what utter bullshit flew around that stupid room. It was like it is in court but even worse.

All with these PRO -feSS-ional presentations of self for no good reason and everybody using big words in this insufferable way that made me hope that others see(my blog readers especially) that I use sexy words for different reasons.and all the while we are watching idiotic commercials on a stinking liquer that i pretended to even know about to get the shitty little bit of money. And, the commercial like all commercials are nothing I want to really discuss for 2 hours. But, the seriousness as the two moderators jotted our every word, our every expression. I will never enjoy this liquer now and I see Canadian Beef as a grim horror.

Hard to believe that all were so dreadful ,and the odds usually don't make that happen that often but it happens and it happened. and Jesus....................The wheel. To the left.......... Jesus...... the Wheel.

Then traffic. traffic. traffic. Feel like life is a summer camp and I wanna go home . I want to share with you my summer camp stories sometimes, blog. Does it annoy you when i call you blog, blog?

I would happily listen to your stories -- more than happily- I would love it but you won't or can't. I don't know what to make of you.

And,off somewhere in this mortal coil of poop is Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Tig Notaro and their ugly mugs and crooked bodies and all this creepy crooked judges that are truly nightmarish but it appears that I am not in a dream state, and I wish I could get dead drunk but I need to work tommorow.
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