Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Target inspired activism

Jetsetted to Target. Many observations but the ones I care to share:

Everytime I go to Target a newer revolutionary stain fighter(now called "stain booster").

There is a war on stains! There is no longer an excuse for stains! If you don't treat your stains, something isn't quite right with you!

This applies to teeth too and one with grimy  teeth is not viewed as generously as they used to be. Frizz as well . Modern Science is advancing at some absurd rate and stain boosters of epic efficacy  are available to those ,,,with Cancer. My point: Let's fight  Cancer , evil lawyers like Allison Sievers, sick sick maniacs like Tig Notaro, corrupt judges and cops,  homelessness, poverty, depression, bullying and then.... Stain fighting.

That's my point!

. I also noticed that the people of Los Angeles are flabbier than they used to be. I don't see those silly kind of gym bunny bodies anymore.  I wonder why?
Also Target has wretched new packaging for thier generics. Just terrible.
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