Wednesday, September 23, 2009

can't find a real picture of val myers-- you know? how she looks now.

babs to the right- total retard. Wants to fit in with  a bunch of people on a message board and went after my blood for no understandable reason



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Written by Harris Wittels about me and which is something that makes me able to call all the "largo comics" to  the stand and ask them about how this happened when I was there once and didn't talk to any comics but said good show to Tig Notaro as she purposely stood by  me for reasons that are now clear. . Where are these comics . Have them come forth and talk about how I stalked them and scared the bejeesus out of them, you cockroach you, and how could Boxenbaum, Ponce, Val Myers, That Babs thing,  Kevin Lee,  Enematron ( Jake Young) and Matt Belknap think that making up suck sicko lies against a person who is the antithesis of a stalker is ok. How do these sick sour clowns live with themsleves.

Don't you think it's really very wrong, Steph Willen,  John Gregozek, And  Jim Hoffman. Tell the damned world if Wittels is telling any semblance of the truth. . Because you let this happen and until this is fixed there will be legal measures taken against you and them till the end of time. That's not fixation ya phonies, that's what any self respecting human being would do when such soulles assholes think it's fine to ruin your life.BTW, I wasn't Lisad or Erin, you conclusion jumping phonies.

Written by the hairy putz Harris Wittels about me on " A special thing Message" Board

"I hate that I feel the need to get involved in this mess, but lisad is so blaringly the woman that was banned from largo for stalking comics. I would bet the farm that erinf is her 2nd personality. Flanagin, the owner you speak of, is a very classy guy. He wasn't rude to you because you vomitted on a chair. If he was rude to you it was for scaring the bejeesus out of the comics that performed there. So, let's stop slandering Largo here. Thanks.":
boxenbaum. unendurably neauseating

C'mon. Objectively hideous. Everything she has said is a lie and if she shows you things like e-mails --she doctors them.  I have all the evidence so it will come cout.
She's a vacant cold blooded freak.  stupid Mercy! This "indiviual" gleefully and crazily goes against me for NO reason thinks it's cute for a 45 year  old to do something like that.
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