Friday, September 18, 2009

Can't take insulin for granted anymore

Helllo readers and blog,

Reeses has a new peanut butter filled product, and it's called "Cremes" and though it sells for 3.99 and by all appearances is an upscale reeses cup it was in the bargain bin at Ralphs for 99 cents- maybe some damage to the bag, because it's a new product! . So, I bought it. And, it tastes very good.

I've come to the conclusion that food is very exciting, I haven't had an apple fritter since my body rejected the last one . I literally could feel my body saying, "Fern, you haven't earned that huge pastry and you had a jelly donut too on the way home, glutton." and then something really did go wrong in a way it never has before-- pre diabetes reaction is my self diagnosis.

Wolf Blitzer just said he's on Twitter.  I don't sense much Susan Boyle  inner beauty from Wolf Blitzer.

i had 40 earth shatteringly poignant things to say but must run go and fill out subpeanos.

Way too hot out for Rosh Hashanna, stupid Southland!
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