Friday, September 18, 2009

Fern McFern's policies etc.

I heard the sound of a silent howling and I suspect it is one of my readers so I will  abandon my responsibilities (which are considerable) and blog for you. Leave a "thanks, you're a peach" scrawled on a napkin with the bartender at the video bar to your left.

Will hopefully get to tell the profound tales of yesterday, today,  but no time now and just so today, ok??


On the news: woman/ filthbag  who falsely accused all these boys of rape BUT in fact she was such a dumb ass animal that it was all taped and it was some nasty azz consensual orgy  and now she's in some trouble and on tape. YUCKO (copyright Rachel Gay) ,there is not enough punishment for false accusers in our society.  False accusers can brand you a criminal, destroy so much,  and get away scot free(law wise)

Now, I need go work on LEGISLATION etc and it's exhausting.

One of those facts you wish you didn't know: Perjury is pitifully easy to get away with. I feel bad even telling people that cause they might not be deterred when the time goes. If you don't beileve me just ask Tig Notaro and the others(too busy to recount all.) But, one of them got a gig at the Improv so ... you know... was worth it for him.

Many woman(and men of course) are really wretched. But, I take it more personally when a woman or a jew or whatever acts badly. In the Ralphs, buying the Rosh Hashanna Fixins, I see that Jon Gosselin is getting ladies left and right and I thought ... my god... there are so many whores. I am a woman, I know many woman and there is no way that all these woman are loving Mr. Gosseling for anything but his Tv salary. Luckily, many men are dim enough or insensitive enough to not care that someone is vomiting inside everytime he gets naked and ready for sexing. So much of what I know and which annoys me comes from those magazines at checkout. I truly don't seek this info out.  Ok, U'll click on some celeb deaths or shadenfreude stuff ,but that's about it.

Nice Jewish moment at the bakery: Always go there to get bread and same three russian ladies there and very nice etc.  Place was empty because it isn't Kosher and the jews were elsewhere but got the challah and rye etc because my mother likes a little tradition here and there. Anyway, I don't at all think you care, I'm just typing away....

So...these nice three Russian ladies and I order the Challah for the first time(Expensive) and get my polish rye(very reasonably priced) and I guess challah or the way I naturally say it with the sound you can't find on an American Keyboard but she just got a little excited that I was jewish and not because she was some insular I only like fellow jews dope but because she's from Russiaan her coworkers might have participated in a program where she's from and she just felt a fleeting kinship or just some sense of safetey

.  She said tentatively when she gave me the bags, " Happy New Year," and we gave each other a look and I said, "Shana Tova," just to reconfirm that I'm not buying the Challah for another , and she said, "Shana Tova with a very familiar enunciation, and it was lovely. The boss there looks like a Cossack and the other ladies seem very nice but we know how nice folks get when evil comes along and they fear for their nice little selves.

So, yes, Blog-- once again it is Rosh Hashonah and once again I can't ignore it(Looooooooooong Story) and I do hope that some of the Jews who did wrong to me and who are in positions where doing that kind of wrong is really Gehonom worthy-- clean up there acts. I surely will apologize to any I've hurt-- Absolutley
 but I didn't lie about people and ruin their careers etc and I never would. I sometimes tell my mother I'm somewhere else(when I'm with some lez) but that's the extent of my lying. Their lies and actions are hardcore sociopathic and that brings me back to my blog's naming policy:
I would only name the names of those who do things that I find to be Evil. Things that can't be explained  by a thousand excuses, and this year oddly enough-- judges and lawyers are included. I can't get into all of them now(there are sooo many it's insane) but teh shandahs who were willing to try to get someone locked up in some mental hospital rather than just risk alienating their supervisors or Lavely and Singer or who knows what. No conceivable imagninable excuse for such actions and the ability to lie and slander for ones petty ambitions  =behavior worthy of exposure to the masses. Couple that with power ie. Judges and you get super evil and expose worthy.

bye for now, blog. Much to do today!
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