Sunday, September 6, 2009

creepy discovery

Just had this urge to check some old message board that I haven't visited in about a year and wow oh wow crazy tig notaro is even crazier that i thought. This maniac thinks I set up big message boards just to revile her. What a narcissistic nutbag. What a lying spite drenched piece of crap. Tig Notaro should long ago have been in jail. She is a perjurer, a vicious jealous liar, and an antisocial personality. Or, she really is that nuts and paranoid -- driven crazy by the big lie and what it caused. No dried up hag will falsely accuse me and slander me and keep up this sick sick sham for so long. Hell or jail. Those are her only choices.

Show the exculpatory evidence, you creeps. TMU, you know you have tons of it. Brady material, you bitches.

Crazy tig need to know that she has lost her mind and I am sick of suffering for it. I have no idea who she is!! I never did a thing to her and she knows it. Have that vile thing admit her lie,make ammends to me and my family, and call it a day. Or don't. I'm ready, either way.
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