Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't trust that book if he is involved because he is liar and a self serving rat

Too damned Rich. A book called "cops and character "and corrupt cop is thanked for his help. Too much.

For their assistance with my work on the fifth edition of Character and

Cops, I am much indebted to Alice Delattre, Dwayne Fuselier, Al Youngs,

Deborah McCarthy, Charlie Beck, Irma Zuniga, Mariana Vasquez, Mike

Berkow, Justin Eisenberg, Ricky Ramos, Jerry Ruffin, Jim McDougal, Curtis

Woodle, Wally Hill, Mike Kearny, Pete Zarcone, Joe Leyba, John Gregozek,

Mr. Edwin Delattre,
What are you indebted to him for. Your book will have no credibility depending on his involvement. I have so much evidence to show that Gregozek perjures himself and victimizes  innocent  people to satisfy alliances with other corrupt entities and individuals.

One of his victims
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