Thursday, September 17, 2009

dry those tears shes here

Hey People!

You've left footprints and I know I am not alone. I wrote a fab post for you but it dissapeared and I doubt I'll get the motivation to write to a bunch of anonymouses about my experiences(or lack thereof) with live theatre and rock concerts. As you might have noticed I pretend that the blog is a real entity and it makes me look like I'm sure not talking to myself. But, that can't happen today because my blog has been a bitch and is deleting posts etc.

Finished my motion to dismiss and now just have to do a little deflowering. I get very flowery and I giggle to myself because I am freakishly self aware. I sometimes will read it aloud to the fam in this insane staccatto.
 Nevertheless, i get a weird kick out of being flowery and as a persecuted pro per I'm entitled to my floweriness sometimes.

I might just post it because it's a matter of public interest, as they say.

Loved Susan Boyle and googled a lot to see others gushing.  I don't think I've ever been a fan of anyone but her  in the sense that I'd write a blog entry etc. I've never written a fan letter to anyone etc.
But, people are picking up on the mystical thing that I did . Of course, there's always some type who goes on and writes something nasty but all in great enthusiasm for Subo(yes, Subo)
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