Wednesday, September 9, 2009

from your friendly neighborhood nostradamus

I'm in brevity mode due to overload--  but I must feed this beast at least three times a day or i can hear its tragic gasps. A little birdie told me that the MAN is reading my blog and so it will be much more censored from now on, sadly.   To them I say: You can cheat me but you can't beat me. Your CW is a psycho and I know you hate her for what she's done. Don't think I'm waiting till october to blow this bullshit open.

So many new mysteries just from yesterday. Why are those two yentas gone, what do they hope the new one will accomplish, and where is the mayor's sister and her obviously corruptible clerk?

Unrelated observation:  signs of armaggedon--

baby boomers, generation x, now y ,then .... z then.... yes, armeggedon
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