Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harris Wittels is a piece of shit

Was set to go downtown but a doctors appointment came up.
Tommorow, I"ll   file some hardcore complaint against a lot of iredeemable shitheads. I'm including all the slander and libel etc and looking at it again after a while I just want to say, " Harris Wittels, you are a stupid unfunny ugly little piece of shit and your luck will change-- you are a vicious stupid liar and you put your stupid sounding name to your libel. I never even went to a comedy club for months, because I was sick you idiot, and you never met me, and I never met you  and you have no idea who I really am and you go and write such vile vile lies.  Will Notaro make it up to you when you have to stand trial? She'll be broke by then, you tiny little retarded turd.

You tiny little pervert and your strange and very actionable involvement in  a genuine travesty. I could see you and the other creepazoids pretending that this is some hoot and you're unconcerned and will just stick with the lies told you by Mathilde and even invent new ones --cause we are in elementary school and we just do that kind of stuff without repurcussions. We are not in elementary school or high school, Witless.

I'm out of patience, can't file that THING,  Scott  Boxenbaum is off the hook for the day, Harris. I had to look at your sickness today and you should know that you, as it stands, are a true waste of space and you should hide your pointy unpretty  head in the sand. You are screwed, you shvantz.
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