Monday, September 14, 2009

Hopefully the last post about Scott Boxenbaum till court proceedings start

Just googled some and found out that Overnight has been out since 2004. I used to know about every documentary and I've never even heard of this one or Troy Duffy. He seriously acts like Notaro does in these crackpot videos-- not doing comedy._ just being "hereself"
Just this whole posey bullshit way of being and it reminds me how scared people are of bullies like her and that we are indeed in Hollwyood the land of phoniness and desperation but it's now really odd to find out that Scott Boxenbaum is the son of a very rich man.  That makes him so much worse. I thought he was some untalented grasping disgusting but poor old boy. He looks poor. But to know he grew up in the lap of luxury and still is so bitter and mean . Scott Boxenbaum  has incredible competition and he still comes out as the sleaziest ugliest dunce  in this tig  thing. 

I've just had to read over what he said about me on public message boards in the course of preparing the complaint and so pardon me for ranting about some never to be known "comic" but what he wrote would make your blood boil is you were half human. For him to be 45 and so vile was enough but a very rich kid and now a pretend liberal.  The fact that he tries to buy  friends with brisket is kind of sad but you don't deserve even.pity you miserable old yenta of a man.

Oh, Americas got talent is on. Live coverage???

Laurence Beamer seems a lovely man as does Ms. Padilla and the hoff is a dear and I like the two english judges. Hmmm, I wonder if the chabad telethon is still on?

Oh yes, Kanye West is a fool. Why is this week crawling with douchebags, near and far?
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