Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change name to the Bitter blogger?


This means that I have over 50 readers somehow and yet so few comments? Strange. Rendered speechless by the the depths of beauty a blog can reach? Made mute by the great illustrations and then totally punch dumb by the pics of human abcesses? Silenced by paroxysm sof shame and self disgust?
Or just-- Confused about the legal PROBLEM that seems to exist somewhere and looniness as your diagonosis?
Well, that will be all be clear  soon. And, once that is explained I can focus on more exalted pursuits. That is if an aneruysm doesn't fell me and I fear it might but don't get your hopes up, savages.

I started another blogging collective and realized that with the 20 or so lawsuits coming down the pike I wouldn't  get to tend to them. I was so infused with the right kind of ambition just last week and now I've just had to put it all on hold once again.

Indeed, I am bitter. I am openly BITTER. I am BITTER bitter bitter BITTER. I never was before so I know how to differentiate, see.  It's not everyday that a blogger admits that she's been made bitter by comedian inspired conspiracies when she is not Schizophrenic- so enjoy the rarity for a second! Then, throw in judges and lawyers and just such a mess of  louses -- the amount and depth of the players and their  wrongs is downright surreal.

Whatever. Ok, blog, I'm spent-- need to go put finishing touches on legal crap and then pray that the ink holds out so I don't have to go to Staples.

see you in between.
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