Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hasselhoff is a dearheart

I smell but can't see some prying eyes. I say some cause I surely couldn't sue for invasion of privacy but still i smell adversarial prying eyes... I know stuff.

What an insane and possibly delightful chronicle this all might seem one day. That's right blog, I've called you a chronicle. Whateva. Oh, that "one day" promise. Me and the fam and even assorted like minded souls  laughing about this non everlasting disgustingness- very past tense.  Where will we be and what will we eat or drink to celebrate that magic moment?

Polishing off some stuff that will easily sway a jury to award me something substantial and an interesting and useful revelation: best to stay away from lawyers if you have a brain etc. Something is very stinky about the whole system-- as I so cleverly said, "it's about disposition and ambition."

I came here to write about the Hoff and instead I raved about some obsene esoterica-- where is the moon???? Is Jesus taking someone else's wheel??

I scoff at the bandwidth and rage at the widgets! Blogger, be damned.

Back to the Hoff: Makes me so fond of him. sweet mr. David Hasselhoff, feel more than free to contact me for a pep talk etc. Not in some condescending way but in a " You are the Hoff, you should see what they did to me, fuck em way!"  And, this is touchy... but why is your spawn doing this and taping you etc. Tell her that she shouldn't. "
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