Thursday, September 24, 2009

I bet the bozos mentioned below just adore Hugo Chavez and achmadinajad

I love court clerks and they love me. I even feel ok about Rios since i learned that it was completely up to the judge etc. She wasn't a charmer but I still maintain that she wasn't one of the bad ones.

And, beleive you me I actually am the type who wants very badly to love her fellow human. I can easily give benefits of doubt and see all sides( - not immediately, of course) and when I say that I've encountered real rotten rotten evil characters time and time again over more than a year now-- I'm more disbelieving than you.

I'm no longer in the mood to say stuff like "Harris Wittels is a piece of shit." But, than doesn't change the fact that Mr. Wittels is a lying sack of crap who messed himself up by doing what he did to a stranger . I would love to see all these stalked comics  mentioned by Wittels, Boxenbaum and Jazz Ponce. I understand that they are to be found all over this country. Please present them as that would really help your pal tig out and she might then help you out.
 Soon it will have to come out because it will make a legal difference how and whythey arrived at these pro se lies.
This stranger is is stupefied by why a kid who has gotten so lucky would make such sick choices. Only unfunny and twisted"comedians" would find what's been done by those gruesomes to be ok.

The jury will be desirious(Notaro's favorite word, says to the investigator, " I am desirous of her prosecution." blech) of them paying and paying for such genuinely atheistic behavior.  It's not so bad to fear god,  Scott Boxenbaum, Willen, Jake Young, and the other self professed atheists out there.

Something about how they ( the untalented "comedians")jumped on this absurd bandawagon, how they did it, and their motivation is so very sickening. Brian Whitaker and Kevin Seccia would be proud of them though.

P.S  My discovery of digital collaging through this hideous experience has been the only awesome aspect. That and other things, of course.
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