Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I don't think you care

Got an enouraging comment so I'll slog on, blog. I have some crazy dreams but last night... WTF...

Bea Arthur lives in my apartment complex, which doesn't in any way resemble my real apartment complex, and which is located in some strange otherworldy place-- So, Bea Arthur is not Bea Arthur but just a mirror image of her and throughout the dream I'm wondering who she reminds me of. The kicker: Bea Arthur is a lecherous lesbian of mamoth proportions and she is making these shameless advances on me. My sister meanwhile is disgusted and since this woman is not bea arthur but just an old woman who lives in our crappy apartment complex and sister  is very dissaproving. I'm conflicted as I'm mildly attracted and this bea arthur lookalike is so unabashadly lecherous( I won't go into detail) and it might give me a moments pleasure without any work. And, I'm going to Bea's apartment  for action, and I realize she has deformed hips and I have to escape. I feel terrible but you had to see these hips to understand and she was wearing awful jeans on them.

Then, Tig Notaro shows up and though I rarely dream of that nightmare she has shown up in strange incarnations here and there -- Once she was a college roomate and I couldn't stand her and then her family came for visiting day and they were Maori or something of that nature as they never said they were Maori but they looked like the people in that fine movie, "Once were warriors," and her sister had this huge Jewish Nose though but she still looked Maori or Samoan , you get the idea.  And, her Pacific Islanderish family told me that they are trash and Tig comes from trash and to forgive her. I told them how awful she is and they just kept saying stuff like "We're from the gutter, what do you expect?" That's all I remember.

Last night she showed up with two burly men to steal all my furniture and I kept having to come up with plans to thwart her and these burly men.  A couch would get taken down these green carpeted steps(that only exist in this dream) and I'd find away to get it back up without her and her goons noticing.  Then they managed to get a whole rooms full and I found a way to get it back up.

Dreams are ridiculous. I woke up thinking, " There is no good reason for me to be having sex dreams with Bea Arthur( RIP) and what would her deformed hips possibly signify???

All my dreams are in technicolor and I'm often ambivalent about waking up.
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