Saturday, September 12, 2009

I wish Blogger had a better manifesto template / annoying soapbox feeling to this post but honestly I want to like this world better before I leave

How about that healthcare?

I haven't had insurance in 12 years and that is the secret--becuase aside of 10 retarded fibroids and a cyst that grew unnoticed for god knows how long I barely get a cold. Can't affording it has been the trick, same for my sister. My mother is covered and her health is a mess!

So universal health care?



Because, any overencroachment of the govenment is to be avoided.  Socialism fails on any grand scale because PEOPLE DON"T GET ALONG TOO HOT and bad seeds always slip in and ruin it for everybody. Look at the courts or the DMV workers--- you don't want to deal with systems! Systems suck!

my solution: clinics funded and manned by semi-idealistic doctors and nurses-- who are not all about making millions and getting vanity plates that say ISURGE N and do a triage type things where the most serious cases are helped by charity either volunteered or a bit guilted out of them or have someone always throwing fetes,get the rich people drunk or whatever and  so they keep giving,
3 times a day fetes where the rich are told how fortunate they are and in between cocktails and appetizers are given a good talking to about priorities and how good giving feels.First medicate those in pain, then
Eradicate depression or any other debilating conditions and go from there. Prey upon the decency to be found in those who know how to make money.  I doubt they'll miss that extra 15 mil in the grave. Make it unchic to have over one room per person and do PDA's that mercillessly mock SUV's and make it clear by this advertising that excess , greed, and gluttony are LAME! Sure, bring in Angelina Jolie. Have Jennifer Aniston thinking that she'd be happy in a studio apartment with books and love and laughter and the rest... to charity.  Bring in Oprah only if all else fails.

 Figure out a totally new way based on historical principles, rather than rehashing the disaster that was feigned egallitariasm/socialism,/communist.
Most importantly, always keep the keenest of eyes on what makes or breaks initiative.

Kumbaya is a true but fleeting concept . PEOPLE, in general, don't get along too hot!!!!!!!!!!! The world is about Woodstock and Altamont both (and all kinds of festivals in between). Parties should only consist of foods and beverages(or in our pants.)
There is no such thing as commun(ities) that are formed by anything other than compelling choice and even then most of them are depressing-- see gay community! I don't mean being gay is a choice, I mean that it seems that many gays or only partially straights  are compelled to live in "gay communities" and identify themselves with this rainbow flag, No way that all get united under any one flag -- when who we fancy-- is the battle cry
Come to think of it, there is no other modern equivalent  to let's say,  the Castro  in S.F ,where something so broad  as fancying would constitute a community. I can't think of any off the top of the head actually .

When I think of "communities" in modern times i think of Jonestown or Halle Bopp at worst and vegans,evangelicals, and mormons at best.

I've always wanted the simpatico kindred fellow traveler(not in the political sense)  landsman concept of community but gave up on it completely at this point. I'll cover some attempts/dissapointments if the blog gets 100 hits today.

You? Whatt would  your ideal community be like--  if such a thing could last, or even exist?

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