Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Judge Elizabeth Grimes is actually the most blatantly corrupt and will be unbenched when her rulings come to light

A parent simply will always see their children  as a bit of joke-- they saw you for a considerable amount of time so spastic, falling everywhere, walking around with a diaper full of you know-- and so they just never will treat you with any great reverance.

My mother is some way thinks I'm hot stuff but today it hit me that no matter what --somewhere in her head I am  still some overplump baby who toddles and can't do anything as well as her.

New New Yorker: Very funny Shouts and Murmurs by Ian Frazier. Takes on Mommyhood in a very nutty and funny way. I would link it but I'm spent. Will tomorrow.

Sorry for venting all that outrage on you blog. Let's hope at least one of these rotten apples is punished soon.
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