Saturday, September 19, 2009

The L.A comedy ob(scene)

This disgusting thing on the news. Has an orgy, it's videotaped, and she is willing to destroy the lives of some innocent guys to not upset her boyfriend. The prosecutors and cops run to prosecute despite all the evidence that something is very fishy.

Tig Notaro is a false accuser and the cops are now just as guilty or guiltier for playing along(and, they absolutely know that she's a total liar) and then the highly corrupt City Attorney(especially Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler) comes in to make sure by any means neccessary that none of them is sued or gets disbarred for corruption of the lowest kind. Judges want to get elected(they are all appointed at this point as opposed to elected) and so they too play along. This sociopath goes about her joke telling without a worry, taking so many (eventually) dodown with her.

What a vile thing to witness.
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