Thursday, September 10, 2009

no good title

Frankly, I need twelve more hits to reach my goal. Frankly, my correspondence with Frank from the train to Magdesburg is missing and now I have to trace it down from AOL. Frankly, a year and a  half is too long to put up with this ... lack of karma ... fear.  Kielbasa face and the on and off partner Jim Hoffman really must be put out by their shitty choices. Wisdom is often missing from those with keilbasa faces.
 I wanted to post the bozo letter that caused Jennifer Abrahams Waxler to feign all kinds of fears that didn't remotely exist and that are costing the taxpayers a fortuen.

 And, then Felise Cohen Kalpakian came and destroyed her( most probably already in jeopardy) karma. Please karma be true!!!!!!!!!!! And then Felise Cohen Kalpakian came along and behaved as if the fear of karma or even the hereafter were inconsequential. Not to mention that she will eventually be disbarred for what she did. Shame on you, Felise Cohen Kalpakian.
Maybe, they are right and I'm wrong.  One day they will be D.A's these two modern ladies and I'll finally see that there is nothing true about justice or truth and just collapse into a silent heap.  but, that day isn't here and I can't even foresee it.

Project runway playing behind me and no joke that these designer types when male are totally gay. You have your odd married homosexuals like Hilfigger and Ralph Lauren but all in all not a real straight one in the bunch.

Anyhow, my bozo letter to the sorry souls at the TMU of the LAPD about how I couldn't attend a holocaust world war 2 veteran(just one still living)  and how they are soulles bozos, and this was caused by the unbearable frustration when realizing that the lawyer was doing nothing and worse. they tried to use this bozo thing and now I have to track it down because it is missing. I don't know who is the most hateful: Is it Sievers or Villar( her brother is the mayor -she should be good) Is it Tig(desperate and grasping) Notaro or Judge Samantha ( not interested in the law),Jessner.  c'mon how does she sleep at night?) or is it Willen and Kalpakian or Howard Williams of Leiber, Williams,and Labin -- who stole my money and bullshitted me into calling crazies-- bozos-- and putting me at the mercy of the mayor's corrupt sister, and who now won't tell me the name of my judge. It's the end of the world as I knew it and it's not fine.
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