Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not children's hour

Calling Scott Boxenbaum a piece of Shit is not what I'd intended to do on Rosh Hashanna. But, when dealing with a 45 year old who seeks you out, bums a cigarette off you and your sister, and then invents that you come to comedy clubs to bother people and don't go up on stage(when you went up that night) is just on too high a level of vileness to not blog about. Now, we know he is the son of a very wealthy man so we can't blame the mean streets for this kind of stunted strange behavior. Listen, he does embarrass himself and go on about how he's a wonderful very skilled writer who would write the great american novel if he had time ( you need talent too ,tard) and he does talk of his issues with bitterness and childhood loneliness, and so it's not hard to feel great pity for him under normal circumstances. Notaro too seems a mess of severe problems --believes her father wanted her dead so he could collect insurance, predatory ways and pathological lying etc -- Hey,life is often very rough and we make mistakes ... but I submit that falsely inventing violence and stalking and working tirelessly to convince anyone and everyone of your life altering lies against a stranger is just not excusable. Hiring a sloppy stupid lawyer and having her lie for you over and over again and then to try to jail this person when she sues you for the defamation that is so clear cut and then baiting her desperate friend, Kyle Dunnigan, to grab your mother's arm and push her, and then keeping up this charade by requesting special green rooms etc, is just worthy of .... who knows. How can you figure what punishment is suitable for that kind of scenario. I by no mesasures didn't have my own "issues" but they only made me more senstive to the pain of others. For pete's sake she started telling Heidi, her former agent, that I was stalking her for years when I'd only met her one time and for much less than an hour. Tig Notaro is not well-- she isn't right in the head-- but I'm sure the Duke non-rape victim wasn't either and I doubt she gets much sympathy. There's a lot of "comedians" out there who've met me and a lot in Austin who saw me weekly for a year and I'm sure they're perplexed by Tig Notaro's lies -- but hey I never really liked comedians(most aren't naturally funny and most are petty and dull) so yeah, Daniel and Lisa from Austin, Sandra and Jennifer and Liz and Johnny from New York very well might have heard this and would be baffled. But, I'm not going to risk looking at scared faces saying, " I don't want to get involved." People want success and many have no big interest in wrong or right. I've always been the type to give compliments when I thought they were deserved and I remember when I started doing comedy in NY and I would go and more often than not chicken out and just watch and hope next time-- that I would say how much I liked an act (Julie Goldman, Cynthia Levin, eddie Pepitone) and very soon I got the sense that I wasn't in the regular world and that this form of "show biz" was not a place where funny people had ... fun. I'd learned this in Improv too when I got a ride home with a whole troupe that were hilarious on stage and in the car the didn't even seem to be friendly with eachother.

I learn fast and when I got to L.A I was long disabused of the funny people having fun idea. I came to see that 95 person of these so called comics weren't even funny and the ones who were onstage were seldom funny offstage. There were exceptions- Scott Hardy, Eddie Pepitone, Andy Kindler, Johnny Spanish but that's about it. And, I'm not the type to say, "Hey, I'm ok, right?? tell them!!!" The Austin comics were all a different breed or the place relaxed them cause I had a nice time with them and not a one would not be very confused by Notaro's sick trick.

I've been waiting for the time where so many don't run at the sight of me( I see everything and remember everything.) but this justice business is slow, defamation is insidious, the comedy world is not filled with people of character, and I'm no longer young.) So, excuse me for putting up a picture of Scott Boxenbaum and suggesting that he is what came out of the Bull's bowel's. Bull poop is insulted when compared to Boxenbaum-- who knows what he did, others do too, and he surpasses Val Myers, Harris Wittels, Kyle Dunnigan, Babs, Jazz Ponce in the going out of my way to destroy a stranger --stakes. He just does.

Then, this loser somehow wants me to have more of his money and goes and puts my link up in the hopes that others are also cruel moronic children. But, mostly, thank god, they are not -- but he doesn't get that.

10 days till yom kippur S.B -- it's never too late to not be a total piece of shit.
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