Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ode to donuts in the works

Something went wrong with my hit counter for realz, and there was a nauseating drop but that was a mistake and I'm back to a blog that has legs, as they say.

Slept off some of the overwhelming overtaking overbearing DISGUST for this almost two year odyssey/nightmare that really became out of control on April 7, 2008 -- when I saw the host of show I went to see standing over me by the bar. I made the error of saying "Good show" and the rest will probably be history.
I haven't had the chance to even get into Reeta Piazza yet. What dregs and what liars live out there and one you meet just too many it gets hard to not just want to stay inside with donuts.

Reeta Piazza is particulary vile and she's lucky so many other creeps came along. But, she is so on the radar. What a nasty gypsy she is. What a scummy dummy!

On the way to Glendale and back what did i see? Yes, that's right-- I saw donuts. This is serious: there is so many donut stores it is OUT OF CONTROL. and, what's really bad is that I had a donut again today. They didn't have the huge wonderful apple fritters but I got a pretty nice one whose name I forgot to ask

I feel as if I was not clued in to this life improving pastry . sure, I knew about donuts since I was very young. I even lived by a Dunkin Donuts once. But, never did I even suspect that literally almost every mini mall in Los Angeles has a donut merchant. Seeing this so prevalently in Glendale on my illegal "competency hearing" (Looooooooong Story) really affirmed this and I fear that I will always notice donut stores till the day I die.

One wonder if it is really a donut a day keeps the doctor away! LOL.
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