Monday, September 21, 2009

the only host from talk soup that I find unfunny

Morning Tortfeasors and other select readers,

Who me? You might say after googling yourself(you tortfeasor you), and I assure any tortfeasor who reads my stupendous blog that in no instance has the statute of limitations run dry.

I sound cuckoooooo. One will sound abnormal when faced with a year and a half of human lousiness. Trust me.

take care tortfeasors and I will see you soon.

Till then: I'd like to think I'm immune to advertising but I'm not. After 2 thousand commercials for "community" and "Mercy"  while innocently watching the americas got talent show-- the chances of me "checkingthem out" grow stronger. 
Mainly, to enjoy how bad some things are and  to feel that giving up on the world was a smart move... ,so when community flashed by as another used the remote-- I said, "Stop, I want to see this."   It turned out that it was already half over so I saw the last 12 or so minutes.  And, I just thought it was nonsensical and then I googled to see what others might think and all I got was great great reviews from top reviewers etc. So, I figure maybe the first half set it up so beautifully and I missed it and was left with no laughs and the sense that a hack ex friend of mine was getting work.  I suppose the new generation is being introduced to Chevy Chase and I suppose that isn't even a good thing. He's not a cool guy from what I"ve heard.
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