Sunday, September 27, 2009

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4 hits short of world domination. Oh well.

morning blog,
I kind of want to write more letters to businesses but I saw that something similar was done on another blog and so ... you know.

I need to focus on making this blog a breadwinner and I've concluded that a mix of collages, vengeance, and high pitched investigative journalism is key.

Ah what the hell,

Dear Fresh and Easy,
I assume that grocers provide fresh food. So already I'm not impressed.  But it's the word "Easy" that really has kept me away from even setting foot in your store. You see, Fresh and Easy, the store closest to me is on Hollywood and Sycamore. Firstly that makes the food already seem less fresh because I associate that area with homeless amputees and super filthy floors( pedestrian traffic, grimy and grim populace etc) but the Uneasy parts comes because I just don't see a parking lot in that area and I assume I'll suffer that for no good reason when Ralphs offers downstairs and upstairs parking.  So, I do wish you well but to me you'll always be "Unsavory and Complicated." in my book.

Warm regards,
Grocery shopper from way back
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