Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shut the hell up Jimmy Carteer and go farm some damned peanuts !

Oh blog! I'm so happy we stayed together. 108 hits, baby ! and lots o hours left pacific time. Pressure's now off, sweets.

A little too excited that Susan Boyle is on tonight if you know what I mean. The week of her debut she just sent me off into happyland when I needed it most and I am thinking unhip thoughts about how many hours left till that magic lady comes back. I hope she's great ,but not selfishly. She has a quality that makes me want her to be happy. Some people just have that.

Maybe amusing story from today that leads to another maybe amusing story: I find it amusing, obviously:

So, I got to get cigarrettes, right. I go to two places now that have the best price. And, I always say something or engage every other human in some way for some reason and I wish sometimes I didn't (especially in the last year)but I do so anyway, today I got there and the same Russian Kid and after all these years he's now on my nerve. Why? Because he will never offer up the matches. Always makes you ask. The darling Hispanic in the other store literally throws 6 matches at me everytime. And, as any smoker knows -- lighters get lost etc.

So, for the first time I get a little irritated and I sweetly say, " Matches? Not a giver, eh?" and he gives me some weak smile and I think his poor girlfriend(present, past, or future) -- the boy just doesn't have that giving urge. Nice looking boy-- looks intelligent -- but  GREEDY.

That's not the part that I found amusing.  The part i found amusing was that when I got back to the car- I looked in the mirror(which is unavoidable with that mirror) and I have blood dripping down from my lower lip to the end of my chin-- completely vampiric and I'm sassing this poor hard working(but greedy) guy and I'm coming across as a friggin vampire.

Well, I found it funny but the telling isn't too hot.

But it leads to another story I want to share( I have readers now!) My sister and me are sitting in the kitchen in Forest Hills and I look at her and her teeth are filled with blood, then her lips. I screamed, "Lauren" and she goes to the mirror and she wipes it off but it comes back and we sit there with such knowing expressions-- of course such a talented beautiful  girl would go out that way-- just bleeding to death from the mouth-- and she gives me one of those valiant looks like," hey it's okay, when your time is up it's up, kid. " And, we both remember all the russian novels we've read and it all makes a sick sense that such a death would befall one of us. So, we sit there giving eachother these looks and her mouth is bleeding and I take a towel and wipe it and really make an effort to see where it's coming from -- I discover a tiny cut on her lip and after this wipe she's totally back to normal and she still lives, thanks god.

Today, for the first time in a very long time she started writing a story and that means that things will be ok somehow. This legal monstrosity really has taken a heavy toll but the fat lady may not have sung, the cows might still be on vacation etc.

Nancy Giles on TV- about 10 years ago saw her in a one woman show and she was terrific. And, now she's on Larry King and on a big time CBS morning show. Life is odd.
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