Friday, September 25, 2009

Someone needs to protect our Mannequins!!!!

1) Mannequins—for the longest time I’ve been monitoring the treatment of Mannequins. Mostly, it is what it is and Mannequins are just never treated as the elite of society.

But, on Santa Monica Boulevard, it’s an outrage. Mannequins are not just nude on this boulevard- Mannequins are spread eagled, Straight Mannequins are forced into grotesquely stuffed bikini briefs, or made to pose in over the top Queeny ways. One of the of the worst offenders re: Manequin Abuse is … the Out of the Closet thrift stores. The other day I saw a Mannequin involved in an orgy of sorts.

2)Vanity plate seen yesterday-Ah noyd

Vanity plate seen today - Lvn Life

Bumper sticker people and Vanity plate people are a different breed I’ve always suspected but I never knew that they possessed such consistent mood states. Do they not consider that a shift in circumstances or even just moods is a reality?

And, imagine seeing LovNLife (White Mercedes SUV BTW) in a grisly car crash- on the side of the road.

New Product at the 99 cents store - Big bottle of lubricant—

And I pictured some girl having this boyfriend and he’s so good at getting these things and he also has the condoms and now the lubricant and even when that condom broke that time—a pregnancy test. She’s never been to the 99 cents store but one day she just goes and sees all three of these very particular brands on the shelf  of this 99 cents store. I bet the guy who sells me the cigarettes and always gives me one match per 2 packs is that kind of a guy and I hope girls break up with guys like that.
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