Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Obama is not camera shy. Not feeling much interest about health care after getting off the phone.

Feeling town crierish right about now as I just got off   the phone with the human seeming court clerk and my god.... does there need to be townhalls about the justice system. The poor clerk is horrified but powerless to do or say anything. What a dreadful position to be in. I feel for her even though I don't understand. I've met tons of court clerks this year and I can say that out of about 100 only one(Rios) was in any way shady or nasty. The rest-- salt of the earch.

Getting those "we must reform the justice system" townhalls going will be a challenge:    because everyone can relate to needing decent and affordable health care but much much harder to relate to the fact  that some greasy sociopath can come along and  decide to take her Munchausen by proxy out on you and if you are not very rich you will suffer and suffer because that is how the system is built. Being indigent is better than being midldle class, let me tell you, when the  legal system becomes your nutty enemy.

 It is nothing like I was taught to believe and everyday the evidence mounts that it is worse than anyone ,not directly, touched could imagine.
But, all those I'll approach for the townhalls will think, as i did, that somehow stuff like that is in their control- don't do the crime and you won't do the time etc.
Well, that's just not true. That is actually a big fat lie. You can do nothing but say "good show" to a stranger one night and almost a year and a half later you could be ruining your wonderful blog with posts provoked by the indescribable  disgust and anger upon learning too much--  that your country is not what it seems-- and that some stupid homely psychopath can with one stroke of "luck"  put you on ice for a year and a half.
Her "luck" -- getting  ahold of a lawfirm that lets her go unpunished for so long. Never mind that every day money is spent by the city on her lies and never mind that she goes and does jokes around the country while bleeding the innocent dry.  It takes so much to make others mind, I've learned.  But we have so much even if you don't mind. Whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

She//it/that got itself the name Lavely and Singer attached to her shabby being, and that by all means should have done the trick. She must have thought that-- as she rambled off new stories, new slander, and new versions  that anyone with an iq over 60 would immediately catch.  There's 6 different versions now versions and I would guess the 12 member jury will have iq's over 60.
Well, in short, it didn't do the trick.  I knew from the start that it wouldn't. I don't base much faith in my assumption sor forecasts( you have to be pretty stupid to to that) but I can confidently say that from the start it was clear that her sickly victory could not last. 

 When someone so mean,careless, thoughtless, and hard on the eyes
 to rape some daisies
 the story
has to have a happy ending. 
It  must.
end with the diasies
And since
breath escapes us still
and thus we're not in the morgue
or under ground.
you'll never not
be doody bound.

Tried not to rhyme but failed. The whole thing was uninspired , in my opinion. Doody should never suffice when trying to get all profound.
I actually think it just sucks ,can't squeeze anything better out ,and deleting seems just as unimpressive.

The fact that I even have to say such an annoying thing, as "tig" is enough actionable offense for the lawsuits to come .
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