Thursday, September 3, 2009

when exact nature of stef willen's involvent comes to light that will be dealt with too

Felise Kalpakian Cohen is a dumpy nasty piece of work and I bet no one at her Sinai temple can stand her.

Waxler isn't ugly but she has shark eyes.

These immoral harpies made us go to glendale for no good reason and deal with more sickening bullshit because they are corrupt and judges are powermad idiots and way to eager to use their bailiffs for no reason on a person more innocent than them.

And, all because a smelly looking pitiful clown like Tig Notaro can't admit that she's a filthy liar. I did not have anything to do with her being a neglected disturbed child( bedwetting for a very abnormal amount of years, unable to finish 9th grade after 3 tries, lying in ways that strongly suggest sociopathy, god knows what else this insane trash has wrong with her).

Yet,my family and I must pay daily for over a year for this abscess's issues.

She will be paying for this for the rest of her shitty little life.That's for sure. She can just buck up and admit she lied, apologize beyond profusely to all those she hurt( and there's more than she knows becuase she has no idea how many will be sued for her lies and the juries will get so punitive on their desperate sloppy asses)

What a sad story she is and what a lawyer she got-- an idiot who dug Notaro's hole so deep that she'll never find her way out.
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