Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wish I had a little more vanna and pat in me. I think they are the only consistent thing in the universe except for inconsistency and diseases etc.

more than 10 hits per posts today so I'm going for the big 100 and posting about ....


b)convo's with family?

c) the appearance of narcissism that seems to plague commentless blogs?

d) How my aunt who I always see as a kid because she's 15 younger than my mother and not a womanly woman -- telling my mother how she is getting a senior citizen discount(55 in PA) and taking a class in physics and .... empathy. Serious! A class in empathy and she a senior citizen?????????
 So my mother is like, " You don't have empathy? You need to learn empathy?" And this aunt comes up with how she needs special classes on empathy for her social work job. She's been a social worker for more than 25 years and ... the bitter truth is she still doesn't have empathy.  It's just not a part of her makeup. If you tell her something bad she ooohs and ahhhs in that "poor you"  sympathy way but not in that cool,  ' i got you. me too way." Looooong story. Frustrating ---because I'd love a loving aunt.

Oh well. Pat and Vanna are endlessly un-irritating. The guests all say retarded americana shit( their favorite football team, their awesome husband/wife, there scrapbooking hobby etc) but Pat and vanna are solid ,and aren't they bored out of thier freaking minds?
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