Wednesday, September 2, 2009

won't rest till what a crock replaces awesome

It is apparent from my analytics that my donut research isn't of much interest. I saw a jubilee donuts today and jollybee store that sold yummiburgers but not donuts. Today, I had a donut. Once you start noticing donuts you will have one eventually and I finally got myself that fritter I talked of.

I want to get some of the outrage I feel out there to be used against cretins like Tig "Mathilde" Notaro, Scott Boxenbaum, Kyle Dunnigan, Allison hart(less) Sievers Felise Cohen Kalpakian, Jennifer Waxler and all the illegal ex parying judges that are in the pockets of the city and are all very connected to that awful Anthony Villagrossa and the wretched Arnold Shwartzenneger. Saw billboards of both today and shuddered and wished for the old days when I could care less about these dumbfaced ambitionhounds.

 The justice system  is a dirty sloppy mess and the minute I get rid of some of the overwhelmingness that has been hoisted upon me I hope to really get those tea party people involved in a very very essential cause. Many victims of this "justice system" are not very literate and so the crooked lawyers and judges( the vast majority) get away with a lot.  What a crock!

Donuts and vague rants against the justice system = groundbreaking blog. No?

No! Ok. That's fine.

Had to go downtown again because somehow something I filed wasn't there. I trust the Appeals court and figure that it fell somewhere but it just was too much-- how much pain and waste does this self destructive grotesque, Tig Notaro, think she can get away with? She/it is the sickest stupidest loser second to Allison Sievers.Seriously. She has cost this city thousands and thousands and will end up costing them millions because her sins are so immense and demand restitution.  One sick stranger targets you and the damage they can do when other sick strangers only worry about thier shitty jobs and thirst for some lame "power"

 My mother fainted twice today and we found out she has skin cancer so I'm not in a festive mood, blog.

Only pat and vanna stay solid.
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