Saturday, October 17, 2009

0ctober 2008- October 2009

It's been such a strange year blog, for everyone, no?

Farrah Fawcett succumbing to some unspeakable cancer, Patrick Swayze fighting and fighting and then ... dying. Finding out that Marcia Brady had coke fueled experiences, David Carradine found hanging with a string on his genitals-- in a closet! A corrupt vote in Iran leading to a strange CNN spectacle of Josh Lev tracking this new twitter mania. No one mentions blogs or Myspace. Facebook and Twitter become the gods of social networking sites and revolution seems possible in the Middle East. Neda- citizen cell phone photo journalists capturing her slaughter. T-shirt  and pins magnates wondering how to best present Neda on their wares. Quickly and surely  Iranian fighters for freedom dragged to jails, out of the view of traditional or new media.  Anderson Cooper et al have no choice but to move on.
Josh Lev is still showing up in a box within the tv, right now, commenting on tweets.  The word "retarded" makes a comeback. Obama turns out to be a bust. I knew it all along but nevermind. Wars in Iraq and Afganistan still raging and the families of the soldiers back home can't count on the news to discuss that all. Nancy Grace incongrously puts photos of the dead immediately after a heated debate on wheter cayley anthony's myspace photos are pre murder or post murder.
Obama wins a Nobel prize for nothing. Another nude emperor is prancing around lasciviously. I become a part of a boiling over scandal in the Los angeles court system.  My family and I have two choices regarding the outcome: Death or victory. This year: My mother loses faith in America and in the jews. My sister discovers the joy of food but still stays slim thank god. Michael Jackson dies from taking some esoteric profonol thing administered by a doctor who makes a fortune off it until the bell tolls and he's toast. This forces every newsman and lady to sprint away from the now dead Farrah's estate and oh my Michael has these gorgeous kids and its hard to beleive that Debbie Rowe would birth such beauts but suspension of disbelief is getting to be a lifestyle.

Meanwhile learning time and time again that Judges are bought and sold and rather get richer than mete out justice. The public defenders office is not defending the public, that's for sure. You witness that prosecutors are grubby pirannahs. You find out that you mother is indeed an Aries and that she survived a 7 day cattle car death train and slave labor in Austria. You get invited to a get together of the liberators of this train and the surviving soldiers but you can't go because you are now a victim of some debacle started by two gross lesbians and continued by a bevy of poorly dressed beasts.
 You learn that waterbugs such as Scott Boxenbaum, Harris Wittels, Kyle Dunnigan will do anything to get ahead somehow. Last year you learned of many others but that was last year so we won't mention them.

You feel simpatico towards  Blogovich and Amanda Knox and all defendants because any faith in prosecutors is dead. Every time you think of Amanda Knox you feel agonized- because you know she is innocent. You pretty much stop watchign crime shows because you used to think the cops and D.A were ok, and know you know that they just want to be a corrupt judge someday.
Susan Boyle comes out of nowhere and brings great giddiness to millions. The reasons for why such reactions occur are the topic of many a blog post. According to the tv- we as a country can't get enough of those 2 Osmonds.
Now, a boy in a balloon and a possible hoax. Nancy Grace's face showing up at innoportune times and giving you the chills. A brutal murder litterally at your door. Three bullets enter your home. Your tiny 70 year old mother looks at the bullet in the door(before the other two came in) and just says, " bullets" in the most unscared cute way imaginable.  You all run to the terrace to wait for the police and you all think it's gregozek or something and you all make peace with that. But, nah, you're still alive and the madness won't let up. You have a court date to get rid of some stank attorney named Howard Williams on July 29th and you feel insecure about the exact time so you look at the list outside the clerks office and guess who's in the same courthouse for first degree murder. Yes, that's right Nattie- your seemingly lovely next door neighbor.
We won't get into the 2 other major things that are happening at the exact same time. That will really blow the top off many things. Googling and Googling. NowLexis one - more funkiness.

Much more acoming.
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