Friday, October 23, 2009

All the order and warrants are void and you know it any more and the jury is going to award in the billions, bozos.

Any reasonable person would conclude that a perjuring, slandering psychopath passing herself off as a curating charity giver is not right.

Any reasonable person would conclude that the avid Athens group reader and the sloppy and sick city attorneys, Martin Boags, Jennifer Waxler, and Felise Cohen Kalpakian reading my blogs daily is bizzarre.

The judges don't seem to read it because barring thuggery they are immune- but luckily in my case they have committed blatant thuggery. when all is said and done they are all bonafide criminals.

Can they ever get an injunction to have me stop saying this? No. Why? Because they know that they are criminals of the worst kind. They might present as middle class attorneys but they are criminal crap who would sell their mother out as sex slaves if it benefited their bottom(dwelling) line.

Karla Kerlin, Samantha Jessner, Robert Vanderet, Robert Martinez, John Gregozek, Francisco Velarde, Dennis Landin, Mary Lou Villar, Jim Hoffman-- my typing hand can't stand anymore... All creepy uncommon criminals.
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