Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and what pray tell kind of personality would that be

I got this unsavory comment yesterday and just saw it today. Unbeleivable how ugly this bunch is and how they will twist anything to place the blame off their slimy selves.

The fact is that I think most comedians are unfunny fools-- some are decent and some great and I never remotely pestered much less "stalked" a human being in my life.  The idea of stalking comedians much less liking any comedian much that  I've met is grotesque and it is a lie. In my experience: I've liked Eddie Peppitone, Lizzy Gruberman seemed  nice, Johnny Spanish was a sweet guy, a guy name Skakel seemed decent. A. Rizzottis seemed a sweet kid, Mishna W seemed like a good egg back then but L.A seemed to have changed her etc, and all the Austin comics that were around when I was there were cool etc.  They saw me week after week and I can't fathom any of them buying into Tig's big lie. It's irrelevant -- but I never so much had any interest in another comedian or anyone who i don't know. I never wrote a fan letter or even had a crush on a celebrity in my life. It's just how my "personality"is. I dare anyone to show any different. I have a stupid blog and I plan to expose sociopaths who have slandered me and ruined much for me for no understandable reason. That is not obsession that is righteous indignation and honesty-- I'm willing to risk sounding nutty to make my point.  Truly, I find Tig completely ugly and uninteresting in general and very sick and self destructive in particular.  She knows that. As for Scott Boxenbaum and Harris Wittels go look at the A special thing message boards to see what they really deserve.
Anonymous said...

You do realize that your obsession with tig, harris, scott boxenbaum, et al, is really not helping you prove you dont have the type of personality that stalks comedians?

October 20, 2009 6:27 PM
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