Friday, October 16, 2009

as per my sister put some beverage on the picture and damaged it but it can be seen as a symbolic bullet hole if one wants to be poetic

I wish she'd closed her pants and I wish I could crop but something is wrong with my photo editor --as they say. Coming Soon : collages comparing the parties involved in the debacle of 8CA10541. I'm the homely one in the family but I don't mind as I am an aesthete and enjoy eye candy. I also am lucky in that I don't possess any jealousy and that fact is also a party to the debacle that is 8CA10541 in the criminal courts building on Temple in Los angeles. I haven't taken a picture in a year and I'll put a new one  up soon to show the face of the falsely accused etc.

Till then, I'll be living in shock and awe as to what we are witnessing and I'll be wearing nothing but a thinking cap. That's not true. I was trying to tittilate for no good reason. I'm barely ever nude FYI and I'll be wearing pants and a shirt with my thinking cap. Thank you very much. I'd advise clicking on the pics to get a better view.
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